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The most common characteristics of a Shleck;

1. Arms are so long that they drag their knuckles along the ground.
2. The length of their spine is too long causing a Quasi-modo look.
3. They will eat anything and everything including gravel and dirt when they are desperately hungry.
4. The butt of every joke.
5. A waste of space in most environments.
Andre: "Hey Shleck, can you use your Shlecky arms to change the channel?"
Shleck: "Shut up youve got the remote in your hand!"
Andre: "Yeah but you might as well be some use around here.."
by Fat Indian July 17, 2011
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A word used as a scapegoat, or a conjunction to the sentence. Or it can be used in the refrence of"it", only if you are mad at that person. It can also be used as the word "it". It can also be used as a curse, or injunction for a curse word. It can also be used as a temporary word to describe someone. It can also be used as a close rhyme to a curse word.

Word created by Nathan Kal, of New Jersey, as a slang word used in, "slang talk".
You little shleck, im going to kill you.
The shleck guy did it.
What a shleck!
Shleck you, you little shleck head!
by nathan19nj December 29, 2009
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