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The act of randomly giving a female a mint, then kissing her neck. Causes immediate goosebumps. Made famous by the University of Central Florida Football player Brian Peterson when he addressed the Orlando sentinel about sexual tension at school.
"What you do last night? All I did was just give out shivvys." "I gave that bitch a shivvy and she ran." "That shivvy got her wet as shit"
by shittyfinger27 January 01, 2013
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Weed. Marijuana. Ganga. Pot. Grass. Bud. Greens. Wacky Tobacky. Herb. Trees. Mary Jane. Chronic. Reefer.
Do you wanna smoke some shivvy?
by the lord god jesus christ April 17, 2005
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When you’re doing her doggystyle and you grab your girl’s tits and flex all of your muscles in your body, squeeze her tits and act like you’re having a seizure and say “ssssshhivviessss”
Dude I gave my girlfriend the shivvies last night and she came instantly. I’m telling you, you gotta try it ferda bois.
by Coondog March 09, 2018
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lay back &
& b lookin like yerself
not t b confusedddd wid "shibby" but a cuzin
She goin t shivvy at da beach
by po-bo loves da $$$$ April 17, 2004
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