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Pirate lingo: To go about getting oneself laid.
I'm gonna go see Mindy tonight and shiver me timbers.
by Kuno May 20, 2005
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I have officially come up with the meaning for the pirate-saying SHIVER ME TIMBERS. Ok get this: Another word for timber is wood. And when you shiver, you're usually cold or afraid. In other words..........

Arrr, zat's how teh pirates like it. Shiver me timbers! PH34R T3H W00D.
by 4dimensional August 4, 2005
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From olden days when pirates visited the olde inns and requested the service of prostitutes. The actual term means ‘rapidly stroke my hard penis’. Rapidly stroking like a shiver and hard penis or ‘wood’. Wood also known as timber.
Here young whore I’d like you to shiver me timber for a fair price.
by Gateboy March 5, 2018
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Used by pirates in the late 17century. Also means 1337 h4x0r
OMG!!1 Teh iz such a shiver me timbers!!1 PWNED
by Slickridah August 12, 2004
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Upon thrusting a fist into your partners asshole, you punch or thrust upwards until you tickle the tonsils and provide a shiver of delight or death.
Aaron gave Jeff the old forearm shiver me timbers until he squeeled in delight.
by Flaccid Frank November 21, 2017
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