The act of taking ones selfie while shitting.
But first, let me take a shittie!
by Got Diesel July 29, 2014
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Shitty is Of very poor quality; highly inferior. Contemptible; despicable.
Unfortunate; unpleasant. Being in a state of discomfort or unhappiness; miserable. Incompetent; inept.
Trivial; insignificant.

but u can't mess with shitty cuz its someones name...shitty from YO!!! don't use the name in vain!!-Dinky
yo what up shitty!!

this note book looks shitty

you look shitty
by DINKY from YO November 17, 2003
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a great word to describe a bad situation, most likely to be used as an adjective
Man that is pretty shitty

Today is a shitty day, yesterday was better
by ktmyrs08 October 23, 2008
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A combination of the words shitty and pitiful. Implying that something is so poorly designed and maintained that it should not be despised or disliked by instead pitied.
J: Why is the Check Point usercenter so shittiful?
S: Its a wonky piece of shit isn't it.
C: Damn thing never works when you need it.
by jmig February 2, 2016
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very drunk/ high aka shitface, fucked up, wasted
he got real shitty last night
by adog April 9, 2003
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