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"Yeah, I have to fly from lovely Brisbane to bloody Shitney for a conference"

"I loved living in Melbourne, but got posted to Shitney by work..."

"Canberra always gets bagged out by Shitney residents as they are pissed it got picked as the capital"
by UCJD December 01, 2011
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The cafeteria at UW-La Crosse that serves gross food and from which people like to steal rondom things like chairs, silverware, and trays.
After eating at Shitney, I imediatly had to hurry back to my dorm where I had explosive diareah from the gut-rot. Guess I shouldn't have eaten today's special...
by Erin August 14, 2003
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A build up of shit and cum that occurs after slamming a fat chick in the ass and jizzing inside her ass
Johnny:Yesterday after school i slammed Moscrip in the anus and afterwards the inside of her ass was all Shitney
by ChodeZilla69 February 21, 2010
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Originating with the success of Britney Spears and all the ugly bitches who became anti-britney, a shitney is a person who likes to diss people who are better than themselves.
"Did you see that bitch making fun of Jessica Simpson? She's such a Shitney"

"Shut the F up, you Shitney!"
by Jessica Anne is THE BEST December 03, 2004
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