Another name for the Bitlocker whole-disk encryption software provided with Windows, especially when it's not working correctly and you don't have the recovery password.
Idiot: "I forgot my password, can you unlock my computer?" Technician: "No, it's got shitlocker on it you idiot"
by geek_nerd_69 October 28, 2020
Sexual term with reference to the anus.
She let me stick it in her shitlocker.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006
"Why are you walking like you shat yourself?"

"Man, I wish. I think I've got terminal shitlock here."
by RhythmJunky November 23, 2009
An abnormally large dreadlock that forms on one's taint by a mixture/combination of sweat, fecal matter, extra long-unkempt taint hair and extended walking.
Because I forgot to trim the 'hedge-row' on my taint, as a pre-emptive strike, before leaving for the show... 3hrs into walking around the grounds of WOODSTOCK '94, I had developed the most debilitating shitlock on my taint. With every step, it would twist tighter and tighter, through friction between my inner thighs/lower ass-cheeks... It was dreadful!
by Jeffballz Guyser May 29, 2009
1.) term used to describe nappy dreadlocks

2.) term used to describe nappy braids/cornrows
1.) That guy need to shave them shitlocks out of his head!!

2.) Jim: You ugly
Bob: Yo mama
Jim: Shut-up and take them shitlocks down
Bob: Fuck you man
by darkshadow2247 December 20, 2004
To interrupt a persons big occasion in a very rude manner.
I was taking a very big dump when Kanye shitlocked me.
by LackofJack April 25, 2015
To render toilets out of order by blocking the hole either inadvertently with faeces or deliberately, i.e. in a state of relatively important intoxication, by adding whole toilet rolls and sometimes crockery
"The fucking idiots, they've shitlocked the bloody toilets !" (typical assessment on Saturday mornings in an English university hall of residence)
by DarkStormy March 4, 2015