11 definitions by son of stalin

shortening of "anarchy" or anarchism. the first of the two is posers who see anarchy as liberation from bedtime and dad. the second is well minded utopianists usually pragmatic and not usually white
by son of stalin March 24, 2003
Short-lived but still occasionally continued expletive/adjective.
"My job is suck."
by son of stalin March 1, 2003
To engage in a 10-year long, protracted guerrilla war to demand democracy from the monarchy, and end up installing a Maoist regime.
I'm gonna pull a prachanda in my home town, see how they like it.
by son of stalin June 27, 2003
$20 bag of marijuana
echoey reggae without or with few words
i lit the dub while i listened to exodus, the dub version
by son of stalin March 31, 2003
latin acronym for "Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews," put all over pictures of dying Jesus.

much better is "I'm Nailed Right In."
INRI! We don't need any drugs, we're high on JESUS!
by son of stalin March 13, 2003