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A cryptocurrency of little to no value, usually a late-comer to the Bitcoin craze, a copycat cryptocurrency.
There are so many shitcoins these days, just stick to the classics.
This new b1tc01n crypto is just another shitcoin.
by Tatsuman February 18, 2018
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Great ways to lose your money.

See: scam
My buddy Nick bought ETH but lost all his money because ether is a shitcoin.

Don't let clever marketing fool you. Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are shitcoins.
by Bridddcoin August 12, 2017
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A word used to make a bad situation good.
Frank: hey George did you win the two square game?
George: it was a close game but I lost.

Frank: ohh shitcoin

Karen: β€œI’m breaking up with you”
Clive: β€œoHh shitcoin”
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by T. Ross August 18, 2019
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A new physical currency established in February 2020. One two-ply sheet is equal to one shitcoin, and these coins come in rolls, just like traditional coins.
I bought me Adidas trackie from Sports Direct, cost me half a ShitCoin roll, innit.
by molynda March 09, 2020
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What Bitcoin will be remembered as after the flash-crash run occurs following a massive realization that it’s worthless.
See that guy over there in the refrigerator box? Lost everything in the shitcoin crash of 2018.
by bustapost December 19, 2017
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You think it would mean shitty bitcoin but it actually is referring to those pennies.
The Canadian government stopped making shitcoins because it was too expensive.
by ashmadallah May 09, 2015
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