The type of cryptocurrency you buy when your blackout drunk at 4am.
Have you heard of? *insert new shitcoin* its gonna MOON i swear!
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What Bitcoin will be remembered as after the flash-crash run occurs following a massive realization that it’s worthless.
See that guy over there in the refrigerator box? Lost everything in the shitcoin crash of 2018.
by bustapost December 20, 2017
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Individuals who either through ignorance or malice, accumulate and/or promote worthless digital tokens. Many shitcoiners lack knowledge in the areas of Austrian economics, protocol scaling layers, game theory, and ethics. Many are prone to emotional outbursts when exposed to reason or tough questions regarding their heavy bags. Pastimes include having fun staying poor, and creating definitions for Bitcoin maximalists on Urban Dictionary.
Steve ignored Bitcoin for years and feels like he missed the boat, despite his bitcoiner friends trying to get him to stack sats repeatedly. To make up for lost time he jumped on Coinbase and bought every low cap coin in hopes it will one day be the "next" Bitcoin. Steve is a total shitcoiner.
by BTC Sessions August 16, 2021
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A person suffering from a mental disorder which makes them believe any "cryptocurrency" other than bitcoin is actually a useful contribution to humanity (and not a complete scam). Although often indistinguishable in behavior, there is not a complete overlap between shitcoiners, pump-and-dump scammers, and ignorant herd-mentality technobabble worshippers, however most experts estimate a direct link in 99.9% of cases.
"Don't mind Vitalik over there, even he's confused, after all he's just a shitcoiner."
"Can you believe Angelo actually bought some stupid internet token with a dog on it?! what a shitcoiner!!!"

"Wow, I can't believe Satoshi Nakamoto had such a deep understanding of the past decades of research in computer science, cryptography, money, personal liberty and so much more in order to develop and offer the world such an amazing tool like bitcoin... A shitcoiner would've thrown a few lines of javascript together with a big marketing campaign of influencers paid through a 70% premine and called it a day"
by ElizabethHomes.eth August 16, 2021
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A new physical currency established in February 2020. One two-ply sheet is equal to one shitcoin, and these coins come in rolls, just like traditional coins.
I bought me Adidas trackie from Sports Direct, cost me half a ShitCoin roll, innit.
by molynda March 9, 2020
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You think it would mean shitty bitcoin but it actually is referring to those pennies.
The Canadian government stopped making shitcoins because it was too expensive.
by ashmadallah May 9, 2015
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