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A useless person. One who is unable to do anything that requires initiative, patience or determination, other then complaining.
I asked if it was ok to leave my bag there but some shit stick came along and said it was against health and safety rules.
by Kimbaliod December 01, 2009
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believe it or not, in the Medieval ages when there was no Charmin, people would use a wooden stick to scrape away the feces after taking a dump. The stick would commonly be shared among people of the same household, or even the entire village.

the term "wrong end of the shit stick" was coined because if you were to take a dump at night, and needed to grab the "stick", you had a chance of grabbing the wrong end of it.
Jeb quickly reached over for the shit stick, but just realized he grabbed the wrong end of it; his hands now hwere sticky and foul.
by r October 03, 2004
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A cheap cigar; typically one that can be bought at a gas station or discount tobacco shop.
"Don't waste your time smoking that shit stick! If you're gonna have a cigar, buy a good one."
by grouchodude July 04, 2006
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The device used to break a giant piece of shit into smaller pieces so it becomes flushable, usually a coathanger or wooden stick.
Quick! We'd better get the shitstick this one looks like its not going to go down on its own.
by Dan VK December 12, 2003
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(1) an exclamation of woe or regret (especially when due to one's own error or negligence)
(2) coil-shaped fecal matter

other spelling(s):
shitstickz (rare)
shitstyks (rare)

note: "shite" may also be substituted for "shit"
1. aw, shitsticks! totally thought i was gonna get laid tonight.

2. i ruined my shoe in the park stepping on a fat shitstick.
by Lfrey April 25, 2006
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