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A shit witch is a girl that is cute, rich, and popular but behaves in the most ugly of manners. Shit witches are tasked by the Devil with making the world a much worse place.
Wendy is a shit witch, dude. It's just the way it is.
by Jacques Asse June 04, 2009
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A minor insult using common swear term, 'shit' and the medievel status of 'witch'.

Useful in a variety of social circumstances thanks to its relatively underground usage.

Believed to have come from the UK.
"You ate my sandwich, you shitwitch!"
by Tom Kiss June 06, 2005
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The people who go around dosing people unwillingly with laxatives in order to make them shit themselves.

See: "Turd-Burgling" / "Turd-Burglars"
I saw like 5 people shit themselves last night; the Shit Witches must've been out in Full Force!
by Doctor_Ew August 29, 2017
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