When your keyboard autocorrects shut up to shit up.
(Texting) Person 1: "Hey dude why don't you shit up?"
Person 2: "Don't you mean shut up?"
Person 1: "SHIT UP!"
by NaniKoreWa June 16, 2018
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When one cannot keep their house or property clean and neet.
Just look at the Smith's yard, it's all shitted up from the crap they drag home from yard sales.
by Honey5683 December 29, 2015
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British prison officer's slang for an inmate seeking attention by smearing his cell with excrement.
Wow did you see that shit-up in Block 9 this morning? I pity the cleaners.
by Gruntyface July 13, 2010
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To shit someone up is to scare the shit out of them.
To be shit up is the state of being scared shitless.
"don't be shitting me up"
"lets go and shit em up"
"we shit em right up"
"they were shit up, so they shit out"
by Bitplane January 22, 2006
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When a person talks too much shit and creates drama
Omg hunter shit up

Nikki you need to shit up

Chelsey if you don’t shit up
by Cautiondelicate May 17, 2019
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to be covered in copious amounts of shit.
Sal - aw yeah, so I come 'ome and Billy 'n Ben have left the toilet seat all fackin shitted up. I mean seeeeeriously...
by Truth & co March 04, 2014
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