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A shit so intense, that shoots out of your ass so fast it displaces the water in the toilet and splashes it all over the wall behind you; it comes out with such impressive force that it sometimes cracks the porcelain.
Every time I eat bacon cheeseburgers, I have to take a Shit Rocket.
by Baby_Blaster January 13, 2012
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Condom filled with shit, tied at the top, used as a dildo! So a girl can make her own shit rocket and throw it away when done! And she only pays like 69 cents for a condom. Life made simple!
Wow. I can't believe Meg shit rocketed herself last night! It was awesome!
by Miss Sexy Lexie February 06, 2010
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when your smashing a bird up the arse and she shits and comes at the same time getting a nasty fucking mess all over your cock and balls
i was smashing the granny out of this bird the other night and she only shit rocketed all over me, went fucking everywhere.
by fat boi, uncle Bob and Wylie September 29, 2006
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when fucking a hot chick and endeavoring not to reach orgasm too soon, a solution involving placing one's finger in one's two-hole, then placing the same finger in one's mouth. has prolonging effect, apparently.
so this dude who's name i can't reveal (lawyer/client relationship y'know) was fucking madonna and was trying not to come so he gave himself a shitrocket. IT WORKS!
by never mind February 02, 2005
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