1.(noun): state of being shirtless (usually men); 2.(verb) the act of taking off your shirt.
1. The man was shirtlessness for 6 years 132 days 47 minutes and 21 seconds. 2. Robbie shirtnesslessed himself.
by Bob Reg Napar September 25, 2007
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The state of being naked from the waste up. Not wearing any form of clothing on the chest. Generally practiced only among males.
by L_TS September 24, 2009
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Something that should be seen more often in warmer weather.
Person 1: "That person is always shirtless! Does he own a shirt?"
Person 2: "He likes being shirtless. Just let him be."
by DW!! July 14, 2013
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A shirtless Bobby is a double vodka tonic with limes and is only drank by the coolest most metal shirtless sexy ripped corner dwellers at the bar.
Bartender: What can I get for ya?
Customer: I'll take a Shirtless Bobby.
Bartender: Sure, one lime or 2?

Ex 2::

Person A:: "Dude I got so fucked up on Shirtless Bobbies last night."
Person B:: "oh man, they get ya every time!"
by Shirtless Bobby February 18, 2014
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When you are taking a shit and are forced to remove your shirt because you are so hot and the poop is just not flowing freely.
Tom: Dude...worst afternoon.

Matt: Whys that dude?

Tom: I had to take a shirtless shit because it just got too intense in there.
by Professor Pod May 21, 2011
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a scrawny little hipster twerp that nicknames himself Shirtless Sam for playing co-ed softball topless because he wouldn't be distinguishable as a male without showing his disgusting amounts of chest hair. He is know for throwing temper tantrums at the opposing team, as well as members of his own team or any umpire that dares to upset his fragile ego, which may or may not result in him walking out mid-game to "cool off". And watch out young steeds, as he also can be seen making sloppy plays in order to assault male players on opposing teams, leading to doubts of his sexual persuasion. This confusion could also be the root to all of that anger and frustration.
Calm down, Shirtless Sam. Your being such a douchebag your nipples are turning red.
by The rest of NYC September 13, 2010
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Shirtless mike is the neighborhood dad that always likes to take off his shirt no matter the situation. He always enjoys mowing his lawn twice a week as an excuse to take off his shirt. What ever you do, do not test shirtless mike. If you do, he will run you over with his limited edition custom painted modded high-speed accelerated 2019 Chevrolet Camaro 2.3 He also has the laugh of a demonic baby getting baptized on Jesus birthday.
Kid 1: Is shirtless Mike mowing his yard again?
Kid 2: Yeah, that's three days in a row!
kid 1: but its in the middle of December??
Shirtless mike: *turns head and looks a kids* grasses won't cut the self *slow deep demonic laugh*
kid 1 and 2 haha *RUNS*
by The real alcoholic July 31, 2019
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