area in sydney where all of the white trash live. Famous for rioting, bigotted attitudes and racism. Most of the population have southern cross tattoos and/or stickers on their cars with slogans such as "australia - love it or leave it".

Common sayings include "we grew here, you flew here" - the idiots obviously don't realise that with the exception of aboriginal people, we all flew or sailed here in the last few hundred years. Laughing stock of sydney. If i was from there, i would lie about it.
Sutho idiot 1 "hey do you wanna go riot on the beach?"

Sutho idiot 2 "yeah, i heard there was some kids who weren't white, lets go bash em"

Sutho idiot 1 "yeah, lets go. Oh, if only hitler were still alive to see this"

Sutho idiot 2 "If Hitler was still alive he would totally live in the shire"
by hatingontheshire May 21, 2009
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Home of Frodo baggins, Samwise gamgee, Meriadoc brandybuck, Peragrin took and Bilbo baggins- the most famousest of hobbitses
Gandalf: Back in the day, Thorin gave Bilbo a shirt of methril
Gimli: Oh!that was a kingly gift!
Gandalf: yes! i never told him, but its worth was greater than the entire Shire
by Zellie February 26, 2004
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The act of showering in raw sewage. It consists of shit, piss, and other disgusting bodily excrements.
1. Yo brahh, somethin is up with the sewage system. I just went to take a shower and got shired on.

2. When I was takin a piss, someone tipped the porter potty and I was shired in shit.
by And What? April 23, 2011
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Only part of Sydney where by law all citizens must carry a Shire Calander when travelling abroad.
When a Shirine meets new people. "Hi everyone, My name is Aimee, I'm from the Shire, Australia." Producing calander from bag. "and this is where I live."
by Pascal April 22, 2005
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"Iain, I'm taking a Shire"
"I stink, I need a Shire"
"Why is there cabbage growing in my Shire?!"
by Captain Happy Pants March 02, 2005
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a county, staffordshire, yorkshire, lincolnshire, its also the name of a big work pony, called the shyre oss or shire horse or just shire pony, counties in the former english colonies are also called shires
I'm from a small village in the south stafford"shire" coal feilds,
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
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the same thing as sure just sounds better
wanna go get some chicken? shire dude
by bert October 30, 2003
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