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the act of getting pussy or sex,or another word for sex
Jim:so how bout to night you let me get a lil shimmy sham?
Tina:Ok,bring a condom
by kylewatts42 February 26, 2008
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To be owned, disgraced, defaced, humiliated, annihilated, obliterated in every way, shape or form. In can be used in a pick-up basketball or golf game, snaping contest, skate boarding and BMX challenges. Basically the opponent is expressing his complete confidence in his or her ability to destroy you in any competitive way or totally humiliate you in any manor he or she desires and can imagine.

Orignially coined by a popular player named Zio Carmine in a MMO game played by millions (iMobsters). It is now being used in games to let opponents know that their death or their demise in the game context is quickly approaching and that such defeat will be their end!
IL Rogue: Hey bro what are you going to do about Benny Meece gunning for you?

Zio Carmine: I'm just going to have to go nut and Shimmy Sham his ass until he is so dead his ashes can be scattered at the graveyard along with all the other dead people.
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Imaginary friend. When you want to blame some one just say Shimmy Sham did it or when you need to intimidate someone or project that you have at least one more friend, just refer to Shimmy Sham.
When you want to intimidate someone tell them:
"Stop messing with me or I will get Shimmy Sham on you".

When you had nothing to do over the weekend:
"Shimmy Sham and I were hanging out"

When you want to avoid doing something or going out with somebody:
"Sorry I can't make it, I got plans, me and Shimmy Sham are going to pickup 2 chicks downtown".

When you want people to think you are crazy or have a vivid imagination, end all your sentences with: "Ain't that right, Shimmy Sham?". For example: "Kanye West is a punk! Ain't that right Shimmy Sham"? (Beware: If Shimmy Sham answers you back, seek medical attention).
by DonGesù. Gesù vi ama, e così September 23, 2009
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to move from one location to another with style and grace and a hint of debauchery.
I gotta shimmy sham on over to that hot honey's house.
by Dr. Buttons March 24, 2003
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