A human shield (other) for any type of self-protective purpose ranginging from harmless to lethal attack as necessary.

The nearest physical other human being is selected as the shield indiscriminate of age, race, or gender, and chosen strategically to provide a guerilla warfare tactical advantage momentarily to avoid harm.
Me: Buddy, there's this fat dude trying to hit on this hot blonde at the bar. Her friends are watching and laughing cause it ain't going well. Seems like they're letting it play out. Poor guy.

Friend: Man, you should go in right now, talk up the blonde and use the fat guy as a shield if anything goes wrong.

Me: And the fat guy would be a great shield for a mother hen too. Yea solid.

Friend: Let's go, I'm coming for the brunette. This'll be easy.
by Phil6590 February 19, 2020
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