Sheep+ People Asexual-cranium-in-rectum-propagation.

Unable to think freely, kin to a Zombie, brain dead. Possibly make a good politician
Whatever the media expouses, the sheople accept.
by Pseudomind November 2, 2005
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it a hybrid of people and sheep. Sheople are idiots that dumb stuff because everyone else is doing it!
I never shop at the mall because those Sheople make me sick!
by adana z. & Jeff H. May 16, 2008
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It's full of sheople, what one does the rest follow suit
by Dawdy July 31, 2015
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People who are unable to think for themselves and simply follow the crowd.
Rush Limbaugh fans are sheople.
by lamb chop December 22, 2005
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Sheople is the definition of God's children and can also be a word used by bosses to address his workers
"Stonks are going down sir".
"What!!! Get me my sheople, I shall tell to them this bad news myself"
(Moments later)
"My sheople, I must say that our stonks are going down meaning you won't get paid unless you work HARDER"
by April 26, 2022
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