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An unbelievable woman, the epiphany of the female gender. An absolute wonderful lover, and even better just all around friend. Someone you want to be not only loved by but just want the opportunity to love.
Shely is everything I want in a woman.
by Chopperdaddy06 February 01, 2010
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If you know a Shely, stop wasting time and become friends with her already!! She is the most amazing person anyone could ever wish for because she has got it all! Her appearance is usually described as blonde hair, glasses, and tall. However, Shely is a little insecure about herself, yet her friends beg to differ (especially her best friend, who is totally not writing this right now). You can mostly find her wearing basketball shorts because she loves to participate in every sport. Although she may be very active, she will be just as content either relaxing with a book, binge watching her favourite show, or just some sketching. Shely is overall spontaneous, cool, funny, sporty, creative, loyal, thoughtful, honest, very beautiful, unbelievably smart, hardworking, determined, a little loud/agressive (which is literally her only flaw) but once again, SHELY HAS GOT IT ALL!! ;)
Dude: Hey who's the new girl?
His friend: Oh that's Shely. Why? Are you interested in her?
Dude: Well yah! She's pretty and smart. That's a pretty rare combo.
His friend: Well good luck, but don't be fooled if she spends so much time with you, she hangs out with all the guys.
Dude: I can change that...
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by AZ_0309 August 04, 2018
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