To get completely shit-housed blackout drunk; this may or may not include disorderly conduct, public urination, or public indecency. Term coined after the legend himself, Charlie Sheen.
"Holy shit Ariel, what the fuck are you saying? Are you sheened or something?"

"I M SEW DRRREE3333333NKADNFXVGEST89NDFBN!!!!!!!!!11111"

"Yeah you're sheened."

by Sharlie Cheen April 10, 2009
Sheene loves someone who also loves her. She's capable of loving someone so much yet everyone she love always leave her hurting. She always care for everyone especially her family, best friends and her special someone. She may be shy sometimes but that's her way of guarding her heart. She's smiling in front of everyone but no one sees she's hurting because she doesn't want anyone to be bother about her problems. Sheene is one of a kind, so if you find one, keep her at all cost.
Like a star from the sky, can be so high but not hard to love. Sheene always shines from high above.
by June 8, 2021
(adjective) to be inebriated to a state of utter disrepair
Example: 1. Hey bro what are you doing this weekend?

2. I just heard that Tom is having a house party, we're going to get sheened out of our minds.
by imthefred March 10, 2011
A nod to Charlie Sheen. Basically, You've heard his story before, and you know you'll hear it again whether from him, or any other celebrity in general.
Person 1: Hey did you hear about Char-
Person 2: Sheen it.

Bob knew Hollywood was desperate because he'd Sheen this happen before.
by Wingitt March 10, 2011
Fucked up; intoxicated off alcohol and/or drugs and generally belligerant, a la Charlie Sheen. Usually involving greasing young sluts (whores, porn stars or otherwise).
"Dude, what happened to you this weekend? I called you ten times."
"Sorry... I got my tax refund back so I got completely fucking Sheened!"

"I cannot wait to get Sheened tomorrow"
by gang.green10 March 4, 2011
A flock of prostitutes, much like a gaggle of geese or a murder of crows. Named in honor of Charlie Sheen and his exploits.
I got a sheen of hookers and a briefcase full of blow, my weekend is booked solid.
by PapaDru April 14, 2011