To be extremely under the influence of any kind of substance. (any kind of drug, alcohol, etc)

(A term derived from actor, and The Man Charlie Sheen.)
Friend #1: Yo, I wanna get sheened tonight...
Friend #2: Yeah, me too. Let's get high off our ass's.
by cellphonex March 7, 2011
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To get a rush on, i.e the need to be in a hurry. Can also be used when you are late or when something needs to be done there and then.
If we're gonna make it for a pint, we'd better sheen on
by C2Jim August 30, 2006
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Totally awesome and hilarious character from the Nickelodeon cartoon Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, famously known for his obsession of anything having to do with the superhero Ultra-Lord. He is also known for saving his hometown from a monstrous alien by singing horribly, learning how to communicate with pterodactyls, and mastering the art of placing your foot behind your head. He even got his own spin off show called Planet Sheen, but it didn't really do as well
Jimmy: Sheen, don't you ever get tired of Ultra-Lord?
by Metallicajunkie October 18, 2018
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Doing a line of cocaine out of a prostitute's C-section scar, ala Charlie Sheen
I have big plans this weekend, I am going to get laid and sheen
by Antidentite69 February 13, 2011
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Going bat-shit crazy over a period of time.
Guy 1;
It has finally come to the point where Charlie Sheen, after being cramped up in a cabin, goes after his wife with an ax, breaking down the door with "Heress Johnny!"

Guy 2; I love that movie! It's called The Sheening, right?
by Sarahbeanie March 30, 2011
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Sheen is a very unique person just as her name. She shines just like the meaning of her name. Her smile lights up the whole room. Shes caring and beautiful. Once you are friend with her you feel like your life is complete. Many people has crush on her. She's so sensitive and thoughtful. Everyone needs a sheen in his/her life to shine bright. If you ever met a with her forever. Because sheen always understand the situation that others not. Sheen is all in one package.
Nike- I met a girl named sheen and I don't want to loose her as a friend. Sheen is a lucky charm for me.

Wadson- like obviously...shes a girl everyone wants In their life.
by Jackson_7_wang November 23, 2021
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