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A cigarillo or a small cigar.

Used as a code for lope people who like to enjoy life.
Let's spark up a sheck man.

This sheck smells so Dank!
by LopeDopeChiller June 19, 2010
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someone who is an arrogant rich d bag who never stops bithcing about how sucky there life is even though its not.originally comes from ryan sheckler the pro skateboarder.
dude1. "fuck my life every girl wants me and i have 8 million dollars in my pocket my life suxs
dude2. man your being a total sheck right now
dude1. you have so easy being poor
dude2. your a fuckin fagget sheck
by dvo April 02, 2008
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The act of checking your anus and undergarment after farting a lot. In essence, it is making sure you did not shart.

The word "sheck" is a combination of the words "shart" and "check".
Jerry has been farting all day; he better go sheck.

Person 1: "Is Jerry taking a piss or a dump? What's taking him so long?!"
Person 2: "Nah man. He is just shecking."
by ownerofhappiness December 07, 2013
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the space between your neck and shoulder, where drunks who have no aim/sense of direction give you horrible hickeys.
Taylor: Girl what is that ?
Kelli: This idiot missed my neck and gave me a hickey on my sheck, girl !
Taylor: DANG girl. He's a boof/gweet.
Kelli: Oh girl i know.
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To throw someone into the ocean with cinderblocks attached to their feet but also give them an oxygen tank so the pressure kills them rather than drowning
"Man, Joss makes me so mad sometimes I just want to sheck him"

"hey have you seen brin?"
"yeah he got shecked"
"poor guy"
by The Direktor February 09, 2015
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