The unsavory act of shitting while having to throw up or heave.
Last night was painful. That burrito I ate twisted my stomach into knots and forced me to sheave all morning.
by ChardTortilla April 21, 2017
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To blatantly and openly cheat or break with rules when unnecessary, usually due to laziness; demonstration of unwillingness or disinterest to continue in a competition by intentional self-disqualification
Come on man, don't sheave, there's only one lap to go.
by Curt R. April 10, 2008
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The urge to poop after pooping so much there is nothing left. Similar to Dry Heaves.
I was sitting on the toilet for half an hour with the dry sheaves this morning.
by DefNotRight February 26, 2016
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"to change a condom while in the middle of a gang bang"
by Scawt1984 February 22, 2016
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After pooping, still having the urge to poop but there is nothing left.
My stomach is cramping and I've had dry sheaves all day.
by DefNotRight February 9, 2016
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When a person continues to have the urge to poop but there is nothing left.
I pooped 3 times this morning and had dry sheaves for an hour.
by DefNotRight February 8, 2016
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