{shee - anne}
n. A person that is filled to the brim with sarcasm and humor. Sheans are difficult to understand. You might think you know a Shean well, but you actually don't since they often keep many things to themselves.

Although Sheans may seem hard to approach, they can be extremely reliable and trustworthy friends once you get to know them.
Don't try to understand a Shean; it's going to give you a headache and it's a complete waste of time.

People who have a Shean in their life are extremely lucky.
by accordianstyle August 31, 2019
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When a person is shy and mean at the same time.
Person: your annoying

Me: their shy and mean. SHEAN!
by Hehe_babygurl March 11, 2021
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Motherfucker bro! U ripped out a shean, fuck u! What did u eat man?!
by Robbie Montpeliier January 12, 2021
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slang for short jeans. Used interchangably with jorts. Sheans are worn mostly by little kids, men over 40 and d-bags.
Eww. That guy's sheans speak for themselves.
by Gair-Bear May 9, 2007
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n. A person who cannot park a car either due to lack of coordination or lack of respect.
v. To cover two parking spots simultaneously.
To avoid getting dents in her car, Katee pulled a shean.
by Oh Yes November 28, 2014
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A petite shy-looking girl with pretty face and tight ass. She is a bit reserved but is actually a very playful character inside once you break the ice with her. Sarcasm is her game and her jokes are sharp but funny. Still she is a genuine kind-hearted person. She is also very full of lust. When she fucks she lets her fantasies come true. She can handle a long throbbing cock like it’s nobody’s business. She recreated the art of giving a blowjob. She rides a guy like the queen of porn and makes the guy beg to stop because they couldn’t hold their cum after 2 minutes. She doesn’t mind trying new positions and definitely doesn’t mind fucking at risky places like the office toilet, shopping mall changing room, parent’s bedroom and in the car. She’s kinky in bed and likes to give her man an extraordinary wonderful time and make sure he blows his load with the best feeling ever. She is also very expressive in bed, when she cums her legs shake her face goes red butt muscles tighten and she moans so loud that her neighbours by now are used to already. The best of all, she loves anal every now and then. She’s not afraid to stick that long shaft in her tight sexy ass and have a great fuck session for both of them.
Dude I think i fucked a shean last night. She was like a whole new sex experience. The best.
by Damien Hirohito January 10, 2021
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