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1.A really stupid girl with nothing but sperm in her navels. Usually inuit and doesn't have anything to her name.

2.A name for black girls sometimes given to white girls/inuits
3. A kind of ugly slut
4. Gay mans name
1. Dude1: That chick is such a Shawntelle
Dude2: I know right?
2. Man: You're acting like Shawntelle!
by superdumperpooper November 09, 2009
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A beautiful, courageous girl who is smart & down to earth. Very passionate about what she loves and who she loves, annoying at times but is definitely one of a kind. Always wants her way.
Shawntelle is so beautiful!
by Deebee lee December 10, 2017
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1. A beautiful smart female who always get what she wants in life. She’s outgoing, courageous and spontaneous. She is wife material and if you let her go it will be the worse thing you’ve done.
2. A girl that is loyal and smart.
3. A very heartfelt friend.
4. Someone you can ever forget.
Omg, did you see Shawntelle? I want that in a person.
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by Thickassgaygirl September 29, 2017
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