A tall, often quiet, amazing, funny and sophisticated guy with the kindest of hearts.
Remember Shawall? the fifth great king of persia.
by Fatima23 September 23, 2012
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The 5th king of ancient Persia. A handsome muslim charismatic leader who lead his people to multiple victories.
Sam: Alexander the son of Philip was the greatest king of all time.

Tom: No homie! Shawall was the grastest king of all time!
by McTyson23 September 22, 2012
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a tall lanky piece a shiiiiiiiit who a magnet to the oppisite sex.
shawal is a magnet
by MaylaTutti69 July 27, 2012
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Tall, kind-hearted and the girls can't take their eyes off him. His love is an hour away from him despite being him being a year older. If a Shawal falls for you, keep him.
Girl 1: OMG, Shawal looked at me today.
Girl 2: No Way, never clean your eyes again
Girl 1: Trust me, he is so cute.
by Sheesh69420 May 19, 2021
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