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A Shavo is ginger haired, Irish and Scottish hybrid.

Shavo's will typically refuse to go to bed before 9am and will usually wake others in their local vicinity by bellowing on their bagpipes.

A Shavo is usually happiest when out clubbing, preferably at a large warehouse style club. Their preference in music is normally rave, hence a Shavo sometimes being referred to as 'Ravo' (pronounced ray-vo).

A true Shavo will consume ten times the recommended daily allowance of alcohol and usually proclaim that "(they) like a beer" to seemingly justify their actions.

A Shavo is normally well mannered however they take their hair colour very personally and are proud of their gingerness. If challenged about their hair colour they will happily show off their pubic hair to prove that they are a true carrot top.

Shavo's at times have been falsely identified as 'Picto's' as they are spelt with the same keys on a mobile/cell phone keypad.
"Look at that mong over their, he's such a Shavo"

"It was 4am and I was trying to get to sleep, then that bloomin' Shavo blasted out my eardrums with the bagpipes. I got so angry I left the house and went to help his mother wash the car"

"No don't be silly he prefers beer to women, he's Shavo"
by takerdemon July 16, 2009
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