Shaved Ice is an inferior, smaller version of the vicious ping pong paddle known only as "The Icepick". Shaved Ice boasts a much higher speed bonus, but lacks in power and spin factor. It was invented by the same brilliant mind that invented "The Icepick" and has quite similar components.
The story of the creation of Shaved Ice is a rumor at best. Its validity has never been verified. It is said that Shaved Ice was created inside the crypts of death in the prison of Azkaban. The souls of a thousand dead warriors were used to make the hard as steel handle. Its rubber is said to be made out of the skin of the Loch-Ness monster and the cork in the paddle is made from the same wood that Jesus was crucified on.

Some stats of Shaved Ice:
Spin-Factor: +74
Power: +51
Speed: +92
Bob and Alice were playing ping pong, then out of nowhere, Bob whipped out Shaved Ice and moved it so fast that he became a blur of ping pong fury.
by mister cow November 29, 2007
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Hawaiian term for snow cone

Cup of finely crushed ice toped with a liquid flavoring(ex. Cherry, blueberry, bubblegum, etc.
"Wanna grab a shave ice for desert?"

"Shave what?"

"Shave ice! Shave ice! You know like a snow cone."

"Oh a snow cone, can I get ice cream on it?"
by A Candle or Music January 23, 2006
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When a male cums onto a platter and then freezes it for no more than 1.37 hours. Remove from freezer, grind it up by smashing your cock against the platter until fine crystal structures have been obtained. Then proceed to form a line of the crystallized crushed cum on the male’s cock, to which the female snorts the crystallized crushed cum, using any kind of Columbian paper currency.
Yo my girl wanted some cocaine but I was all out so I gave her some columbian shaved ice
by Kobe James Big Chungus March 3, 2019
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When you trick another person eating mango shaved ice that "mango shaved ice" has some sort of disgusting sexual connotation much like "strawberry shortcake" does, causing them to immediately stop.
Person A: Dude, are you aware that mango shaved ice is a sexual technique? It's even worse than strawberry shortcake! BEWARE OF THESE CONVOLUTED FOOD ITEMS.

Person A: :D
by RRondo April 4, 2010
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What they call shave ice on the Big Island of Hawaii.
I like one lilikoi ice shave, but no mo' too much syrup, 'ah?
by bruddah greg August 20, 2007
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the world renowned tasty treat that is commonly grouped together with the far inferior “snow cone” but is quite different and should be know by its merit not its similarities to the american treat
yo man wyd with that snow cone, there’s japanese shaved ice right down the road

oh dang let me just throw this trash away rq

ight ight
by bruhhhhhmoment July 23, 2019
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