An amazingly woman that is both beautiful inside and out. A caring and kind heart but is also shrewd. Often shy yet very loyal. Very hot and sexy. Sometimes scared of things yet willing to give it a go anyway. She is truely amazing if you find one hold onto her, as you will never find a better person.
Person 1 "Who's that hot chick over there"
Person 2 "Sharona"
Person 1 "I wish she was 'My Sharona'"
by Customism101 March 12, 2012
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sharona is a old dominican name they call old folks or a nickname to the first born daughter
jim: hey bro have u seen sharona

jhon: she must be dominican by that name but no i have not see her
by baad buunnyy March 23, 2022
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Shes the bested friend u can ever wish. shes beautiful, hot, sexy, pretty, and nice asf. if u have a Sharona as friend, ur the luckiest person alive!
person 1: look that Mandy's friend, sharona!
person 2: dang shes hot asf!
person 1: i know right.
by YayeetusDefeatus October 24, 2019
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Sharona is a flake who never shows up to anything for anyone even if they ask
by STFUFNG October 8, 2018
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Berton had this basic guitar and drum riff lying around for a long time," he said, "even before the Knack got together. He played it for me, and I really liked it. I said we would do it someday, but I didn't know how we could use it at the time. Then, at the same time the Knack started, I met a little girl named Sharona, whom I fell in love with. When I would think about Sharona, Berton's riff came to mind. So Berton and I got together and worked out a structure and a melody and the words. The result was 'My Sharona'."
"Always get it up for the touch
of the younger kind"

by Tori March 23, 2004
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The stinky area between a man's balls and asshole.
When hooking up with random men, beware of the Dirty Sharona!
by Mattstle October 6, 2013
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