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Shannon b is a beautiful girl who amazingly talented and loves animals. they love horses or being a vet they are mainly smartish and blond,
Shannons are good luck so if you have one as a friends that's a good thing they can keep secrets and beautiful never let you down want to be your friend no matter who you are and love everyone. Most Shannon are skinny athletic (strong) and good looking they mainly go for black n blond hair boys who can sing and have 6 packs . If you see a shannon make friends with them they are properly popular ad are interested to know you i know a shannon she is gorgeous and king and forgiving if you was mad at her shell forgive you but if you make her mad she wont care until its physical then you don't Evan wanna go near them.Shannon userly have flat bums and bigg boob good kisses love the sun hate waiting for tans and with long hair also they are very funny and a amazeballs good partier.this awesome amazing girl, whos a awesome friend, as she is always there for her friends, she sticks up for what she believes is right, all the time, shes loyal to who is loyal to her, but will not be walked all over, she trusts until she has a reason not too and beliebes in second chances. Shes a big dreamer and determind to make her dreams reality, shes not afraid to say how she feels, shes very caring, very mad, and just an all-round nice person and friend.

Finished !!!
Ilove her shes the best Shannon :)

Look at her stunning figure its amaze balls tots !!
by shanfan June 19, 2013
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