Shane Dawson is an awesome and hilarious Youtube and Blog Tv celebrity. He is known for his impersonations and made up character 'Shananay'. His best friend is Kate, who is also awesome and usually goes live with him. Shane is an ispiring actor. He makes amazing videos that can make you laugh, cry, or just simply relate. He has worked with Swiftkaratechop and Dfizzy.
" Did you watch Shane Dawson's 'Turn Offs' video? It was awesome!"
by That other person over there. February 12, 2009
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A YouTuber who makes videos about conspiracy theories, food, his life, as well as documentary-style videos (which are probably biased).

He likes to remain uncontroversial, to the point where he doesn't call out his trash friends on their wrongdoings, like Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas.
Person #1: "Who's your favourite YouTuber?"
Person #2: "Omggg my faveee YouTuber is Shane Dawson! We STAN an unhygienic king, omfg, he could SPIT on me and I'd THANK him!! He could CUM in my CAT and I'd BEG him to do it AGAIN!!!"
by John Hughes™ March 29, 2020
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A middle aged bisexual YouTuber who picks his ass and does gay shit. Shane never showers or changes his clothes. Most people can’t tell if he’s a male, a female or a pig.
Shane: Oink!
Person: What was that?
Ryland: Oh it’s just Shane Dawson
by MButler March 3, 2019
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Shane Dawson is a youtuber or influencer. Shane has been on youtube for 10+ years. Shane is also comedic gold. He is mostly known for his Conspiracy Theories and food video's. Shane and his boyfriend Ryland are hilarious.
Person 1 - have you watched Shane'snew video?

person 2 - Yes i love shane

therefor Shane Dawson is a hilarious Youtuber.
by sam is better than gaillee December 29, 2017
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Shane Yaw a.k.a Shane Dawson is a famous youtuber. He has been with youtube since the very beginning. Even though he wasnt always known. He is a brilliant actor, who has made many characters, including; Barb, cowboy with tourets, kesha and his most favorites; Ned the nerd, S-Deezy, Paris Hilton, Shanes alcholic mom, Aunt Hilda and Shananay. Shane has mentioned in one of his videos that aunt hilda and shananay may be his most famous characters but thinks that shananay is still number one. His brothers name is jerid yaw a.k.a jerid dawson. He also has his own youtube channel. However he is not as popular. HIs mother is Theresa Dawson. Shane has said that his family has been through it all like; alcholism in the family, abuse, bullying, being poor,etc. He also mentioned that he deals with serious things with comedy because thats how he deals with it. Thats is probably why he is praised by many youtubers because he really connects with his fans and enjoys making them laugh. Shane makes people feel like his viewers are his friends and treat them as such. <3
WE TOATS LOVE SHANEDAWSONTEEVEE!!! <3 thanks shane dawson
by yahoo123 June 12, 2011
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A comedy guy that is very popular on youtube. He mixes raunchy comedy with thoughtful messages. He also uses alter-ego characters to play out stories. His characters include Shanyanay, Ned the Nerd, S Deezy, Aunt Hilda, Shane's mom, Emo shane, and Hodini. He uses the characters to put a spin on personal vlogging, and it's a nice blend. He is very good to his fans.

He is not emo, and he is not gay. But he does make a hot emo boy in his video "douchebag".

Shane Dawson is a straight christian, but he's open minded and friendly.
I just watched a Shane Dawson video!

Shane Dawson is the greatest!
by DarthPocky June 12, 2011
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Two time NY Times Bestseller, successful podcaster, director, Youtuber, and the sweetest human on Earth.
Omg I just read this hilarious book, it's called "It Gets Worse" by Shane Dawson. He's a legend dude.
by MonicaYaw😂 August 12, 2016
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