Pretty sure is the greatest person ever.

Shanay is AWESOME.!!!!!!!! She is smart, sexy, and cool. Doesn't take shit from NOBODY!

She also crotchets.
Who's the greatest person in the world ? Shanay.
by imtubbie August 26, 2017
Sexiest girl ever, can have everyone falling for her if she wanted. Shanay has so many boys in line and the one she wants does understand that.
Girllll, is your name Shanay because you have so many boys wanting you!
by chic_hot976204 March 5, 2020
a chill guy, who's NOT a woman. will murder you with words, and post it on the subreddit. He's also a kindhearted person, who writes great poetry, draws, and is the quiet sort.
Don't mess with Shanay, or you'll end up on r/murderedbywords.

I heard Shanay writes scintillating poems, and he draws too!
by smiracles._. July 7, 2022
Just a general pain in the ass. Could be used for something that is just being a dick but also for someone who doesn’t get something the first time.
You are being such a Shanay, I can’t belive you!”
by TheWordMaster69 June 14, 2018
Love you❤️
I love Shanai ❤️
by Amirsnm December 10, 2019
Shanai is a beautiful girl. She gets very self concious around other girls but finds it easy to be herself around boys. She's been hurt before.. You can tell she's scared to make some commitments. She is also the kind of person who loves to hang around the same people until they decide to get irratating. She always tries to look her best, even when theres no one around. People hate her. She doesnt care. She's a strong, loving, bubbly, sometimes crazy person.
by PrincessChronic January 22, 2014
She is so cute and peng but she is taken she’s my girl 😘
Me: hey

Shanai: yo go away I don’t like u
by Xx_BossBoy_xX- February 6, 2019