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Pretty sure is the greatest person ever.

Shanay is AWESOME.!!!!!!!! She is smart, sexy, and cool. Doesn't take shit from NOBODY!

She also crotchets.
Who's the greatest person in the world ? Shanay.
by imtubbie August 26, 2017
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Just a general pain in the ass. Could be used for something that is just being a dick but also for someone who doesn’t get something the first time.
You are being such a Shanay, I can’t belive you!”
by TheWordMaster69 June 16, 2018
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The act of being frustrated or aggravated. Often said with multipe y's. This word originated from Shane Dawson's, Shanaynay.
Davey: Ughhhh we have a huge exam tomorrow!!

Crystal: Shanayyyy!!!!!!!!
by hahanomnomblah May 29, 2011
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