Official motto of the Tourettes Syndrome Foundation. A wide variety of merchandise is available from their gift shop with the phrase proudly emblazoned for all to enjoy.
Edith: Gosh, I wonder where Doris bought that delightful tea-cosy with "Shamone mother fucker" stitched on it? It's pure fooking class.
Betty: Gosh.
by Cobs July 19, 2003
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Michael Jackson’s homage to Mavis Staples, an extremely underrepresented soul singer, used in place of ‘come on’ or ‘looky here’... it was Michael’s was of staying true to his roots coming up on the Chitlins Circuit before moving from Motown to Epic and subsequently changing his sound and appearance to break racial barriers and appeal to a wider audience. Michael was a huge prankster and loved putting Easter eggs in his work, as well as never renouncing his roots, despite what people were saying about him at the time and his severe body and facial dysmorphia. Now we all know he had Vitiligo AND Lupus, both autoimmune disorders, but back in the 90’s it was “Wacko Jacko strikes again”. We behaved egregiously and made him suffer for his art when he gave of himself so completely... it left him in chronic pain, crippling loneliness, insomnia and misery, and we did nothing to prevent his death. We lost one of the greatest performers who will ever grace this earth. Requiscat in Pace ad Eternam, Frater. 💙🕴🏻👑
You KNOW that girl is dangerous, Michael... aww SHAMONE! -‘you rock my world’ video

Because I’m bad, I’m bad, you know it , SHAMONE! - Bad
by MysteryBruises October 12, 2018
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Damn freddy the ten year old is looking rather thicc today i would really like to Shamone him
by MexicanJumpingBean69 June 23, 2019
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A name. Often given to people that are wonderful, caring, loving and there for their loved ones. they are also incredible lovers and seek the best satisfaction from their partner. They are treasured by their close ones and their close ones treasure them. To some (their partners) they are the most important person in their world and would move mountains for them.
Shamone is a loving, caring and beautiful person. If you have a person called Shamone in your life, never let them go.
by I Like Trains to November 25, 2021
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"Shamone" is a term coined by Michael Jackson, in 1988 on the song "bad". "Shamone" is a unique phrasing of "c'mon"
which mean "come on". Can also be spelled as "Shamoan'd". "Shamone" is usually followed up by a "Uhh", or a grunt of some kind. Other sources of the phrase "shamone" are James Jensen and later adapted by Noah Oktober Schweitz
Shamone/Shamoan'd can be used in almost any context
"Yo, lets go... shamone" uhh"
"Coming right up, shamone!"
by RubyDick November 27, 2018
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