It's really very simple. All it is, is a colorful way of saying 'sure man'. Almost as if a Jamaican were saying it. 'Sha'=Sure and 'mone'=man.
Anybody: Hey MJ, can my 10 yr. old son spend the night with you?

MJ: 'Shamone!'
by El Definitionor October 6, 2019
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More than a kiss but less than making out <3 <3
Maya and Noah shamoned this weekend.

by frazzledazzle April 8, 2011
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You know I'm bad! I'm bad! You know it! You know it! You know! You know! You know! Shamon! And the whole world has to answer right now, so I'll tell you once again who's bad!
by Walter June 2, 2004
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Shamone comes from the Michael Jackson song "Bad" released in 1987. It is a distinctive deliberate mispronunciation of "come on" used frequently by Jackson, occasionally spelt "cha'mone", "jamone" or more commonly "shamone".

Today shamone can be used pretty much the same way "word" is commonly used.
"Come on, man, we're going to the bar. I said, SHAMONE!"

"Ok, I'm coming."
by efyoo2 June 26, 2009
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