1 definition by JD Denver

Term used at the end of a sentence or on its own. Can be used loosely as a congratulations to someone, accolade, a “that’s right” comment, good job, razzing someone negatively or positively. Suitable replacement for terms such as ‘hell yeah’, ‘fuck yeah’. Almost always said with a sarcastic tone. Pronunciation is just like Michael Jackson’s pronunciation of the word. Pronunciation can be dragged out as well. Ex. ‘ Shaaamone!’ Can be used as a verb as well.

Submitted by JD Ellis - Denver, Colorado 7/3/2021
“I scored four phone numbers at the club last night..Shamone!”

“Hey bro, nice herpes sore, shamone! Told you not to hook up with her!”

“Shamone, bruh, you can do better than that.”

As a verb. “ I’m gonna shamone the shit out of this large pizza”

“Ghosted that stage five clinger..Shamone!”
by JD Denver July 3, 2021
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