When three or more men have are having an orgy, then one of them are on the verge of pissing them self's, so they eventually end up pissing in the other person's mouth or anus.
Person 1: Awwww, that's disgusting!
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Someone just texted me and said that they caught them having an orgy, and one of them Shallow Watered one of them.
Person 2: What the hell? Who would.....awww man that's raunchy!
Person 1: I know right?!
by RaginCajun481 March 06, 2012
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Taking a shit so large that the upper part of it protrudes out of the water in the bowl. This ususally produces a lot more offensive odors and should be flushed immediately
"Dude, I just took a massive shit. It was like a shipwreck in shallow water!"
by RCCG May 22, 2008
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Swimming in shallow water means that you are very close to geting in trouble... When you were on the last hook
I was swimming in shallow water when I got 15 F's on 15 different tests
by Fake plant January 27, 2019
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The Shallow Water Navy was deployed today to peel some Cubans from a piece of plywood floating in the Gulf of Mexica today.
by Pub O'Brien May 24, 2005
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A shallow water Jew is similar to a deep water Jew. It spends most of its time rubbing two golden coins together in its marshy home
"Dude while out croc hunting with crocodile Dundee we saw a shallow water Jew!"
by Chrisisgay3345 November 15, 2017
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something that is offensive to any of the senses by reason of its extreme ugliness or by being totally devoid of what the utterer considers to be redeeming value.
"That motherfucker has his nerve calling anydamnbody ugly - he looks like sheep shit in shallow water even in his BEST outfit."
by C. Perniphelus Chuckles April 16, 2010
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