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Someone that crashes photos with their hands in the air and their tongue out
by AflakDESIGN ! April 19, 2011
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St. Helier's Association for Kidney patients. see kidney van
SHAK rules! woooooooooo!
by icy July 21, 2004
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A nasty infection, spread by the pecking of chickens.
Man, I've got myself a nasty shak on my penis.
by Sparty January 19, 2003
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Noun; any kind of authority figure. Anyone with authority over a child or teenager. Any one with the power to prohibit you to do something or discipline you for doing something. (A parent, guardian, teacher, counselor, etc.)
Yo man, we can't light up right now, the shak will be back any minute now.

If there were no shaks, life would be a party.

Teen: Yo can I go to this party?
Shak: Is there parental supervision?
Teen: Uh, yeah whatever.
Shak: Let me talk to the parents
Teen: F*** you, you F***in B*** go S*** a C***
by RYE REPRENSENT' November 30, 2004
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Shak is a male who is usually dominated by his female partner and controlled which is also known as being a bitch boy. His female partner controls his social life and day to day activities on what he can and cannot do. Every woman loves to have a bitch boy like shakeel so they can have them by a leash and control everything they do in the day and in the night.
Everyone woman dreams to have a shak in their life.
When will i meet my shak ?
Your so lucky you have shak as your partner you can do whatever you like.
by Mashrash May 17, 2017
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