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A Shaide is the kind of girl who rather go her own way then follow the rest. She captivates herself in the darkest parts of her soul. She loves herself unconditionally and doesn't take shit from nobody. You'll find her under the darkness of the eiffel tower. All the guys want her and all the girls are jealous of her. She's the smartest of them all and is popular without trying. She's never trying to be anyone else but herself. She gives great advice but never takes it from others. You catch a Shaide and you hold onto her because she's 1 of a kind.
Tevon: Shaide is a very snarky little fella. I think I'm just that person to brighten up her day.

Jake: Oh really? Cause I have the charms to lighten her up like the moon.

Tevon: I'll hold you up on that deal.

Jake: Bring it on.
by Originelle May 07, 2017
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A woman who is known for sleeping around. She has multiple lovers and will go to bed with anyone who shows her the slightest not of interest regardless of their relationship status.
Tom: I came home from work and caught Rhonda in bed with 2 other guys!
Mike: Wow! I never expected her to turn out to be such a Shaide!!
by Shaide July 15, 2018
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