the king; it means king; king; ruler
He's the that's sad...good luck on the assignment with Billy as the shah.
by austyn1990 October 29, 2014
Someone with such an awesome personality. With his magnetic stare and wonderful smile, a Shah will surely get you hooked on love in an instant. He is the true example of perfect imperfections.
"You need to cherish him forever, he's Shah"
by Preciouspanda November 27, 2019
Short for Shahanshah, meaning "King of Kings." The king of a nation, esp. a Persian one. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the Shah of Iran from 1953-1979, when he was overthrown by the Ayatollah Khomeini.
The CIA installed Pahlavi as the Shah of Iran after ousting the Socialist democratic government of Mossadeq.
by VivaLaRevolucion! October 23, 2004
A king, sovereign, prince. The title of the supreme ruler in certain Eastern countries.
by Nabeel January 24, 2004
Shah is a YouTuber who has over 880K subscribers on YouTube currently and his main game he plays is Fortnite, im not sure how he’s still playing that shitty game in 2022 but whatever, Shah was known for using the Red Nosed Raider skin on fortnite before he disappeared, he was also known for uploading weekly if not daily but when COVID hit his schedule completely changed , he typically took long 2 month breaks but he hasn’t uploaded for 6 months recently. Hopefully we’ll see him soon
Fredrick: CEEDAY?
Steven: No
Fredrick: FEARLESS?
Steven: No

Fredrick: Cory?
Steven: No bro Shah
Fredrick: OHH I thought that nigga died ngl
by Avatar Relief March 1, 2022