It's a common misconception that Jesus was killed by Romans, he actually left on his own because he knew that he'd have to compete with Shae to be the best, and didn't want to lose.
by Baygonus July 26, 2011
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The type of guy to steal your memes and take credit for them himslef(meme thief)
"OMG did you see that meme I sent to the groupchat " "yes shae already screenshotted it "
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by The absolute chicken dipper March 14, 2020
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Shae is pretty and has problems understanding when to shut up and is not the sort of person you want to piss off. She is a great person when you get to know her but you have to take the time to do so.
Shae is a great friend and will always have your back no matter what. She has a fiery nature despite what she may look like. She may look cute as a button but be as fierce as a tiger. Despite all of this she can be really sensitive and emotional even though she may not always show it.

Guys if you are lucky enough to meet a shae you will either love her or hate her like marmite. She is defiantly one to hold onto and is worth the risk that she comes with.

Shae is smart and not one to be taken for granted. She is pretty but often overlooked she is the sort of girl who sails through school with little problems but isn't one to shy away from trouble and often finds herself in the middle of it.
Guy "hey whose that girl"
Girl "that bitch arguing"
Guy "no the pretty one arguing"
Girl "that's the same one its a shae"
by Shae_2014 March 03, 2014
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a pretty freakin cute guy who can always make you smile. he's a big teddy bear :)
dang, whose that?
by GAPgirl February 23, 2010
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Term used for a girl who is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut!
"Oh my god, look at Shae over there being a lil bitch!"
"I know right, that shae's kicking people out of the group chat like the lil bitch she is."
by Oharaisbae May 17, 2017
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a fucking simp ass hoe. she’s a mega clown dumb bitch and doesn’t know how to keep her hands to herself.
‘you see that girl over there? yeah she’s a mega fucking shae, always going after boys she can’t get’
by juicycockbiter March 08, 2020
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