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Person #1: What's a Tomato?
Person #2: Lol
Person #2: You Sfuck!
by Mr. Ownage April 06, 2004
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The way a person with at least 1/4 Navajo blood pronounces the word fuck after having consumed multiple alcoholic beverages.

by Thedudephxaz February 23, 2017
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(v.) Usually limited to homosexual male intercourse, to sfuck is to fuck a man in the ass while simultaneously sucking his cock. This isn't possible in all positions, nor in any positions for people with major back problems. Note: a woman wielding a strap-on could achieve the same position, and it would, technically, be considered straight sex.
I sfucked a guy last night, and he came in my mouth right when I came in his ass.
by GayBoi February 13, 2007
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