Sexual Predator (n.) Anybody who obtains sexual contact via less-than-honest means or a person that enjoys "hunting down" their prey. Many sexual predators attack only a particular type of victim usually based on height, ethnicity or age. Sexual predators are usually friendly, self-assured individuals who target their victims carefully, rather than choosing at random.
Female Sexual predator: Look at that young, short latino over there. I’m going to take that down.
Friend: Dude, he is like 10 years younger than you.
Female Sexual predator: Happy birthday to me.
by The White Mandingo October 6, 2009
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Obeying to the sole urge of discharging himself, the sexual predator erroneously thinks he can build self-confidence by having sex with unwilling girls, as opposed to the playboy who, for no reason known to men, keeps attracting voluptuous creatures.
Sexual predator: y'know, man, I'll screw her anytime, think I can hook her in the alley?
Guy 2: Fuck it, man.
by Bilbo the Habit January 25, 2006
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A sexual Predator can be any demented, sick, mentally confused and just plain stupid. A very famous person that comes to mind is wayne chmelsky.
Sick mother f___er.
A Sexual Predator should be punished to no ends, just to remind themselves
of the damage they inflick on others/victims.
Wayne is one of those. Or as he's known as a Chmelsky.
by gevvst May 2, 2008
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A liquor shot made of equal parts Stoli Raz, Stoli Blu, and orange Sparks energy malt liquor. Named because it is sweet and disgusting at the same time. Add a sugar rim and a cherry for a more appealing look.
Guy1: Yo I wanna get Tina drunk so I can hit it tonight but she doesn't really drink.
Guy2: Give her some sexual predators, she'll be begging for it in no time.
by eddiered April 1, 2008
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crab who poses as human on internet chatrooms/instant messenger programs in an attempt to solicit sexual interaction with teens. often seen sporting a fez and curly moustache.
"that is a sexual predator crab"
by johnnie angel March 22, 2005
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A being of Supreme Sexuality, Possibly includes a 12 ft Dick
Ho boy, that T-Rex is a apex sexual predator, with his 20ft Shaft
by Timmy T. Johnson July 5, 2017
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