When someone has the same sex drive and kinks as you, and it makes you wanna scream and cum all over them
Debbie: “OMG I love being choked to near death!!!”
Luke: “DEBBIE NO WAY!! I love choking people to near death!”
Debbie: “LUKE this is so sexciting. I can’t wait to be choked the fuck out!”
by Clubpenguin August 23, 2019
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Something that can be as exciting as sex. However, since so little compares, it's generally used as a sarcastic remark.
Joey: So what're you up to?
Nick: Ugh...doing the dishes
Joey: Well that's sexciting...
Nick: I know...
by beastlybeastiality March 24, 2010
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adjective. Something sexually exciting or arousing.
Jim: Oh man, that girl is hot!
Ronnie: Totally, she's sexciting.

Amy: Look at those abs, those are so sexciting.
Sarah: I'd bone him.
by cutiepie1097 January 11, 2011
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The act of being so excited that you become aroused to the point of half mast or more.
Watching those female beach volleyballers win the gold medal was sexciting
by y2xtreme August 2, 2009
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Dude, that chick in the movie last night got me so sexcited!
by Blakeley January 17, 2008
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a hyper lustfull state often cause by the injestion/inhalation of illicite subtances. In such a state of mind one will be oblivious to anything else around them apart from getting ones rocks off. To the extent where excessive chafing/redness/swelling or lack there of may occur
i got so much sexcitement from eating the green fairy's magical pixie dust i nearly died from pelvic injuries
by TheJollySatan March 1, 2011
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