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Sex Outs or the act of "Sexing Out", is when a couple engage in INTENSE Make Out sessions and end up dry humping until both parties reach orgasmic proportions.

Where a female will be in her underwear (thongs not suggested) and the male in his underwear, and take his penis out for more pleasure but girls MUST keep their underwear on.

Also A safe way to enjoy Sexual relations without penetration.
Girl: i want you but i don't want to lose my virginity
Guy: then lets Sex Out!
Girl: okay!
by Lakeshore1234 July 29, 2009
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To kick out your roomate at college for the night so you and your girlfriend can fuck on his bed.
David: DAMNIT Michael Smith the pimp brought another girl in this week and had to Sex Out my awesome self! This guy has had sex every week, so I am forced to go out and be humiliated for not being in my room.

Thanks Michael!
by Ben May 13, 2006
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