According to Jonah Marais himself he is quite the sex object. An object that says "I love you baby girl" and seductively bites his lip.
You "Oh my god you know that sex object?"

Me: "Jonah!? Duh! What kind of question was that?"
by soybeanmilk August 26, 2017
someone who is used by another person just for sex. Nothing more and nothing less.
matt: what ya up too?
courtney: nothing
matt: wanna have sex?
courtney: ok, now?
matt: ya
courtney: be right over
by charlie April 12, 2005
any one person that is thought of in relation to a sexual thought or feeling.
Wow she is so hot she makes me horny
by xoxo. July 26, 2005
This is what Jonah Marais is. He is known as a sex object(in his video he made).
Have you ever heard of Jonah Marais?
Yay he is the quite the sex object dude. Right?
by Asdfghjklqqertyuiozxcvbnmlkjhg September 24, 2017
THE most disgusting video on the net ever. Hands down. This makes 2 girls 1 cup look like Sesame Street. It will give any non twisted/sick/pedophile seriously sick. The video consists of a male cross dresser (possible sex change) walking around in a dark house for 2 minutes until the most disgusting shit you have ever seen pops up. He comes into one room with a severed, possibly rotten cow head on the floor. He proceeds to make out with the bloody carcass, then decorate himself (?) with the creature's neck muscles. To make things even worse, he starts masturbating with the rotten meat surrounding him, and sticks his dick into the cow's eye hole. The video ends there (thankfully). If you have any interest in keeping your sexuality, then do NOT watch this video. It managed to freak me out in the four minutes that it played. Imagine what it would do to you. For your own safety don't watch it, please, just don't.
My friend Jerry ended up permanently scarred from watching the video "Putrid sex object." He ended up going insane and killing himself.
by 6pathsofpein December 17, 2008
a person that men look to only as someone they would like to have sex with
by sexiest bitch alive September 6, 2006