To touch the penis in such a manner as to ejaculate onto the floor. Hence "Dropping the baby"
John went into the bathroom with a porno mag to help him "drop the baby".
by "Agent B" October 6, 2006
Being so drunk that you do something dreadful - like dropping your baby.
"I got so drunk I dropped the baby."
"Man, I was drunk enough last night to drop a baby."
"Did you see Steve on Saturday night? He was baby-dropping drunk."
by TheBabyDropper July 24, 2012
This is a sign of failure. Nothing is worse than dropping the baby.
I told you it would break. You really dropped the baby on this one. screwed up blew it fucked up
by CuzzGummler June 4, 2016
dropped the baby: a bowel movement that is so large that it feels as if you have given birth through your anus
Damn, I dropped the baby. I don't think I will ever be able to fart again.
by TooSick4U March 15, 2014
don't f*** up
Albert, don't drop a baby on that task!
by sunday school teacher April 6, 2009