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General! Stop reading this definition another settlement needs your help I'll mark it on your map
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When a person has been removed from their natural environment for an extended period time, leading to impaired judgment of the opposite sex. In most cases this will happen in a remote area such as a state park.
After returning from their camping trip, Johnny and Dale both agreed that the girl they had undressed with their eyes earlier in the week was nothing short of a southern bred, corn fed situational settlement.

An unfortunate looking girl that causes you to teepee your pants after spending a week away from the true beauties of your hometown.
by Jonny Lee Popkins August 17, 2009
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A little town around Ft. Worth, Texas. If you outline the main highways between Ft. Worth and Dallas, you'll see why they call the area "the Big D." (It looks like a big dick) Dallas is the balls and Ft. Worth is the head of the dick. White Settlement lies just within the "shooting area" of the dick head that is Ft. Worth.
Geez Bubba, I never noticed this before I actually looked at a map. It's true. We need to evacuate White Settlement before the storm hits !!!
by ruso September 6, 2005
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When you win an argument on a toilet.
"Yeah, I had a squatter settlement with Jake about who gets to keep the rest of the whipped cream."
by LCPlayz June 2, 2017
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: Providing repetitive help to a struggling person or group of people with something for which they should be able to help themselves

derivation: in reference to the incessant and annoying requests for help defending weak settlements made by Preston Garvey in the video game Fallout 4
I gotta go, another settlement in HR needs my help resetting their password. I guess “8 characters, including at least one number” is pretty hard to decipher. You know, I work in IT, so helping a settlement is what I live for.
by WurdFerguson November 16, 2018
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When someone is so lonely that they will be attracted to whoever pays them any sexual attention.
What the hell? Why is Laura going out with Jack? He's kind of a loser.
No guys ever talk to her. It's just your average case of lonely settlement.
by Sleet October 13, 2009
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Friend 1: "Where yo and yo girl in my bed?!"
Friend 2: "Yeah, why?"
by Joe Rosiak June 2, 2005
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