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Also commonly referred to as "Blu", a Sethie is the male counterpart of an Atalya. Sethies are tall elf like creatures that are surrounded in shrouds of mystery. Although known by many they are hardly ever seen with the exception of those who are close at heart with them. Sethies hate cigarette smoke and have an allergic reaction to it that can only be counteracted with doses of 7 and 7 or Jager. A natural lover of music, Sethies can be glimpsed dancing in the crowds of live electronic bands. They are heavily trained in elven staff spinning and ninja sword fighting. Sethies travel around the human world in a blue carriage protected by the fierce guardian dogs, Lukus Maximus and Madam Lillian.
I fought a Sethie and the Sethie won!
by LynxieGirl February 04, 2010
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