Serenity is a loving, funny and caring person. When she's in love, she loves hard. She will take you back even she you hurt me. She puts people over herself. Hardworking and smart asl. She doesn't cry but when she does it's a streams that creates oceans. She loud and will do her best to make you the best person possible. She sees beauty in everything but herself. But she's an amazing person to be in a relationship with. She'll give you her mind, body and soul even when you don't deserve it. Irreplaceable and hard to come by. Don't give up her because she won't give up on you. She finds light in the darkest things. She's the one you want to take home to the family. Athletic and always smiling. Serenity is not a common name and not a common person so hold on to her.
"Serenity is the whole package"
"Damn she looks good"
by peoplematter March 13, 2017
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Seren means star in welsh. She is an amazing girl Will always be there for her friends. She is a stunning role model. However if u want to get rid of her u can’t. If you have a real connection with a ‘Seren’ then u know that u can talk to her for hours on end. She is so pretty and very sexy! She is very loyal to people she loves she will have any ones back and protect the ones she loves. She is a very feisty girl but will ALWAYS hold a grudge! Don’t go against her because she will get u back no matter what. Karma is on her side and she will always be determined to get her revenge whoever u are. She is the bestest friend but the worst enemy u could have. She is academically smart but street wise she is not the brightest. She is the funniest girl u will meet, and can make u laugh for days on end. She tends to be one of those popular girls who have a load of friends but also balance out her enemies because she dislikes a lot of people. She has proper trust issues. Seren’s can be shy when u first meet them but when u get to know her u will realise that she is a very out going and trust worthy. She will always have boys after her and want to date her. She will always have girls wanting to be her aswell: she is the most beautiful brunette girl u will ever lay ur eyes on. You will be lucky to meet a Seren
Oooof Seren is hot
by Seren358 August 3, 2020
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Sereniti is such a nice and loving bestfriends you’ll ever meet buttttt.........She is abusive and night owls. She is always there for you cause she actually cares for you. Don’t make her mad or she’ll cuss you out or throw you into a wall but, but on the inside Sereniti is sweet. One flaw that she has is that she can be a little dumb sometimes or in the head. Other than that Sereniti is intelligent and independent.She needs no one. Sereniti can be bipolar sometimes too.
Person: Ew Sereniti
Sereniti: Shut the fuck up
Person: dang I was just playing
Sereniti: You better be
Person: ...
Sereniti: So what’s the answer to number 3
by BeckyStar👾 May 25, 2019
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As a name, Serenity is usually thought of as peaceful when you hear it but when you meet her she is crazy, loud, athletic and will make a guy drool in the first 3 seconds he sees her. Serenity is an uncommon name, Serenity is a name usually used for tall, fun, smart, and happy girls.
Serenity wasn't very serene.. She was crazy!
by ChubbyNarwhal December 20, 2014
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She is smart. She is beautiful. She is also confident in her own skin. She doesn't like FAKES get on her way. She stays loyal to everyone.
Do u know that girl serenity. Well u need to know about her.
by Serena bell March 15, 2017
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A serenity is a very pretty and unique girl.She is hated by many other females because she is goofy,funny,thick,has all the guys watching her! She is nice but once you do something to her it will all change she will hold a big grudge on you,people might think she's all nice because her name mean peace in all but she is evil and a daredevil get u a serenity....
Liam: I seen this giel last night her name was serenity she was fione and she was goofy man

Eric: frfr word man yo you should bag her den
by xXskitllezxX June 12, 2019
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A werid confusing funny clowning girl always down to fight.
Serenity laughs alot
by Serenity hearts June 17, 2019
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