The day the real ass bitches are born. Probably have a lot of issues but they get through it
People born on September 30 are the best, most loyal people you will ever meet.
by Hannah.S2305 January 2, 2020
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if they are born on September 30 they are the absolute definition of sexy.
“I’m born on September 30”
Oh you sexy sexy huh
by Sexy persons gf October 15, 2019
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The day the sexy motherfuckers are born but they still get no girls they are left alone at night contemplating if the person they like likes them and makes every scenario in there head and go to sleep sad

September 30 is the day the sexy bitches are birthed
by AhhShitAWeasel November 8, 2019
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The day the devils are born.
You are sassy and always get your way.
“Omg you were born on September 30? You ask them for me.”
by Madzmolly November 27, 2019
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“Hey bro did you hear about that September 30?”
“Nah my nigga what’s up?”
“That becky bitch be giving out some free fellatio for national fellatio day!”
by fakeburger September 29, 2020
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Great sports players are born on this day, incredible looks, every girl wants him, but deep down, he’s sad and lonely
Ex: Claira”Omg Dylan is so sexy” mia “he was born in September 30th no duh
by Craizclapz December 3, 2020
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Thigh day where u have to let ur best guy friend rest his head between ur thighs
Jhonny sit between me because it's September 30 so it's thigh day.
by Zandoff September 27, 2021
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